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Mission Statement
To provide our customers with an exceptional level of service achieved by every employee working towards a shared vision to meet the challenge of excellence.
NetCom Systems was founded on the philosophy that by combining expert technical knowledge with outstanding customer service, we will achieve results that meet and exceed our customers' expectation and establish ourselves as a leader among network solution providers in the Southeast.

  • Technological Expertise:
    It takes more than "book knowledge" to meet the challenges presented in today's ever changing world of technology. More often than not, when problems with technology arise, the answer cannot be found in a manual, but requires a creative and novel solution. And even though the right training is critical, NetCom believes that all the certifications, degrees and diplomas in the world can't provide that certain innovative and resourceful spark you need to succeed in this industry. When NetCom invites someone to join its elite team of professionals, you can be assured that person possesses both the deep technical knowledge and inventive, problem-solving ability required to uphold the company's high standards. After joining NetCom, each technician is then thoroughly trained on NetCom's best practices methodology, which was developed in-house and reflects over 10,000 hours of research and testing. It is this rigorous search for talented professionals and thorough training of new employees that ensure every customer experience is consistent and results in quick resolution of all service issues.

  • Outstanding Customer Service:
    When it comes to designing a secure and efficient network, one size does not fit all. That is why NetCom takes the time to get to know each client, conducting a complete and thorough assessment of each client's business, employees and future business plans. Never asking, "What can we sell you today?" NetCom instead determines what each client wants to accomplish and then develops a solution based on a thorough understanding of their entire business. "Too often in this industry, business owners invest in the latest technologies, only to be disappointed with the results," says Larry Allen, Business Development Manager at NetCom. "By asking the right questions, NetCom is able to produce the kind of tangible, measurable results that have a direct impact on our clients' bottom line profitability." Following the implementation of a 100% client-driven solution, NetCom continues to deliver outstanding customer service by providing a fast and effective response that is always delivered in a courteous and professional manner. In a world filled with menu options and recorded messages, NetCom treats every client as if they were the most important person in the company-because they are. They are the reason NetCom exists, the focus of all its efforts and the driving force behind every decision.
  • “By asking the right questions, NetCom is able to produce the kind of tangible results that have a direct impact on our clients’ bottom line profitability.”