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Communication: We believe in keeping our clients and each team member informed. We explain issues in ways everyone can understand, using clear and concise language. We make certain we remain accessible to everyone dependent on our services through e-mail, phone, cellular, pager and other methods, so that our clients always receive the response they deserve.

Honesty: We are honest with our clients and each other and we expect honesty from every person we work with. We always strive to keep our promises, fulfill our commitments and sustain a reputation for dealing with our clients in an upright and truthful manner that is above reproach.

Respect: We listen to and respect the opinions of others. We solicit input and feedback from each other and our clients. We put others ahead of ourselves to accomplish great things. We believe in the Golden Rule.

Individual: We believe in people, both as team members and clients. That belief is reflected in our positive attitude and motivates us to always pursue our personal best while inspiring others to do the same. The result is a healthy work environment where individual achievements flourish and success abounds.

Service: We strive to be “…simply the most responsive network solutions provider in the Southeast.” It is in this area of providing a consistently quick and effective response to our clients that our pursuit of excellence finds its focus. Through our emphasis on quality service, a caring and professional attitude and quick resolution of all issues, we seek to provide an outstanding level of customer service that is unmatched in the industry.

Teamwork: We believe that in working together as a team, we can achieve greater things and offer more value than we can as individuals working alone. We strive to maximize the strengths and talents of each team member, combining our talents to create a formidable force that dominates our industry and makes our work both rewarding and a source of pride.

Integrity: We believe that choosing to behave with integrity in every situation is the most important choice a person can make. In striving to be successful, we never allow our drive to succeed to overshadow the interests of our clients. By doing so, we will build on our reputation of outstanding customer service that in turn will build our business.

Achieve: We are striving to advance our position as small business experts and achieve a stellar reputation for responsiveness, quality of services and technological expertise. It is the desire of each employee to play a leading role in achieving NetCom’s vision of becoming the leading provider of network solutions in the Southeast.

Never-Ending Improvement: We are never satisfied with the status quo. We work continuously to improve our policies, our procedures and our product knowledge. In the fast paced, ever changing environment of technology, we remain on the cutting edge through ongoing training, research and feedback from our clients. We depend on the suggestions, ideas and opinions of those we service to guide us in our quest to become the very best in our industry.