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Before starting his own business in 1988, Duane A. Miller spent almost a decade honing his skills as a network engineer. As one of the first computer technicians in Atlanta to work with networking products, he was responsible for heading the distribution of Novell products throughout the Southeast before Novell was recognized by computer dealers for its operating systems.

As an employee, Duane understood that to be successful, it was important to deliver outstanding customer service that was grounded in courtesy and respect. In the world of information technology, however, he was surprised to find that the focus was on product knowledge and customer satisfaction often suffered as a result. So after almost a year of careful consideration, Duane founded NetCom Systems, Inc. He believed that by combining his understanding of small business with his technological expertise, he could provide his clients with a level of service that before now had been nonexistent. Duane received an enthusiastic response to his unique approach and NetCom Systems, Inc. experienced phenomenal growth from its very first year. But despite this initial success, Duane was not satisfied. He believed NetCom could accomplish more. So he spent over 10,000 hours researching and experimenting to assemble a line of products that he considered best of breed, as well as a best practices methodology for the implementation of those products. The result has been a dramatic improvement in the efficiency, productivity and rate of return on the network solutions NetCom implements.

Today, NetCom Systems, Inc. continues to pursue never ending improvement. Through ongoing training, research and customer feedback, NetCom advances its understanding of small business and remains on the cutting edge of emerging technologies. As a result, NetCom Systems, Inc. is the leading provider of network solutions in the Southeast and continues to win awards and enjoy double-digit growth.

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