18 tips to smooth the path to working from home

Wow, what a difference a few weeks makes! A couple of weeks ago it was full speed ahead with business as usual. No one really could have imagined how quickly so many of us have had to “lift and shift” our daily work modes (not to mention our entire life routines) due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

To make things easier and help with this transition, our partners at Connectwise came up with a handy list of 18 things business leaders need to take into account in making this transition to “work from home” mode, safe, secure and trouble free. We liked it so much, we decided to feature it here on our site.

This list is great, but please be sure to consult with your IT support provider to determine how many of the items on this checklist would be right for your company and your employee’s needs.

As always, if you need help with any IT support issues, we’re here to help!