A Cloud Solution that Does it All

Everyone knows that “the future is cloud”, but what you might not know is that many current cloud-based solutions lack even basic security measures and may leave your data more exposed than ever before.

Our team saw this as a major issue for our clients and immediately got to work creating a brand new cloud system that will provide users with a full range of services without the risk.

We are proud to introduce you to Net CloudShare. The first cloud-based service that integrates all business functions into one secure network. Click on the Flyer below to see an overview of what this service includes.

Hopefully this all sounds great, but we all know that most business decisions come down to one thing… the MONEY.

Because this service was developed in house, we are able to offer it as an add-on feature for current clients at prices as low as $15 a month. Although we can’t guarantee you that exact price, we can promise that the cost of this service will be far less than the costs that you incur by not keeping your company data in a secure place.

Contact us today to discuss how Net CloudShare can help your company.