Privacy Policy

Your privacy matters to us. We gather minimal information about site visitors — only what we need to track traffic on our site, complete registration processes and follow up on your communications with us. We do not sell user information to anyone. Whatever personal or contact information you enter anywhere on our site is used only to complete the particular business function you initiate when you use our forms.


We log IP addresses, domain names and information about browser types and platforms to generate anonymous statistics about the way visitors use our site. We analyze the data to gain insight into how well our content and navigation serve your needs. We don’t track user behavior in any other way. We don’t share our information about visitors with third parties. And we won’t try to get in touch with you unless you authorize it.


A cookie is a small, encrypted data string containing a unique user ID that our server writes to your hard drive. It cannot be used to access or otherwise compromise the data on your hard drive. We use cookies to partially automate registration processes, but our entire site is accessible and navigable without cookies. You can choose to change your browser settings to disable cookies or alert you to their presence before accepting them. However, some registration forms will not be functional if you disable cookies.


NetCom regularly surveys networking professionals on performance, cost of ownership, security, web-based management and similar networking topics. These surveys collect job-related demographic data, such as your job title, the type of company you work for, the size of its IT budget and so on. These data are used to interpret the survey results and are published in our survey reports. Contact information (your e-mail address) is optional. We occasionally contact survey participants about our services.


Our website contains registration forms for a range of materials. Every registration asks you for some personally identifying information — information we do not share with anyone else. If you do not wish to be contacted by us, you can click a radio button to let us know.

E-mail Lists

Our site offers subscriptions to several e-mail lists. Of course, to fulfill your subscriptions, we need your e-mail address. We do not use your info for any other purpose.

Seminar Registrations

NetCom offers seminars about networking issues. You may register for these seminars with our online registration form, which requests some minimal personal data. Your information will be shared with cosponsors, if any, to customize the seminar to the interests of attendees a company (which is under a non-disclosure agreement) that handles the registration process and confirms your registration with you You will not be contacted if you let us know you do not wish to hear from us.