Your customers are calling… but nobody’s there.

In the current environment, working from home has become commonplace, even for employees that had never before considered remote work to be an option. Because this shift occurred for many, quickly and without warning, many critical aspects were overlooked, namely the ability to maintain constant access to company phone lines.

Chances are your customers and clients are facing many of the same challenges that you are, so they are going to be counting on you to answer their calls and be there to assist them during these difficult times. If your phone system is unable to work remotely, you may need to ask yourself if it’s really meeting the needs of your company.

Thankfully there’s an easy solution!

With a 3CX phone system, in just a few days your company can have all communication lines available on any device, any time, anywhere. Whether you need to be able to answer a customer call while on the road, monitor the availability of your coworkers and transfer calls at the touch of one button, or securely access contacts’ critical information, there are systems that can work for you.

See the flyer posted below to discover how a 3CX system can propel your company forward and provide the communication capabilities which are increasingly critical in the world today.

Let us know if you are interested in making the switch, or if you have any questions/concerns regarding the system you may be currently using. We are happy to offer our services to help your company to remain productive regardless of the circumstance!